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Creative design & manufacturing

Creative design & manufacturing has a consistent history of customer relationships built upon integrity and honesty. We manufacture quality custom products and tools to your exact standards and specifications.

We support Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike; our goal is to provide you with the best quality and service. Our team approaches each project by analyzing the design and providing constructive feedback for manufacturability and implementation.

Creative design and manufacturing has a diverse customer base that depends upon our proven engineering and manufacturing expertise to meet on-time prototype and production manufacturing schedules.

We look forward to working with you to meet your goals, as it is our ultimate reward to play a part in making you successful. We strive to build upon each project success to become an integral part of your team and look forward to becoming a valued supply chain partner.

  • Engagement

    Define objectives with integrity and honesty to meet customer goals

  • Engineering Design

    Collaborate; provide design and manufacturability feedback

  • Implementation

    Document; implement sustainable quality design and manufacturing solutions